About Christian Aid

What is Christian Aid?

Christian Aid is a charity based in the UK and Ireland that works in around 50 countries. It wants to help the world’s poorest people to make their lives better. Christian Aid speaks out about, and tries to change, the things that keep people poor. It sends money that it raises to organisations (called ‘partners’) that work with poor people in their own communities.

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Why do Christians want to help others?

In the Bible, Jesus helps the people that he meets and he speaks a lot about loving others. Christians try to do the same. Christians think that God wants the world to be fair and, because it’s not, they should do something about it.

Christian Aid was started by a group of people from churches all over the UK and Ireland who wanted to help refugees.


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Christian Aid says it is wrong that some people in the world live in extreme poverty. But what does ‘poverty’ mean? Poverty is not just about not having enough money, it is about not having the power to control the essential things in your own life and the life of your community. Christian Aid works with others to end poverty – forever.