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Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, has had lots of natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Now that you’ve landed in Haiti, let’s meet Zaza and Jephthe.

Zaza and Jephthe's stories

Zaza's story

This is Zaza...

Jephthe, as featured on our Haiti page

..and this is Jephthe.

These two children are young but they’ve both had to face two of the most powerful forces on earth. They’ve had to be strong – stronger than the storms. 

Jepthe, featured on our Haiti page

Jephthe enjoys playing football and drums, and goes to church with his family. He was only two years old when a devastating earthquake hit his home. His house and possessions were destroyed.

House in Haiti

His family had to be brave and, with the support of the charity Christian Aid, rebuild their home. Their new home is strong and built out of materials that can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. 

Jephthe's house in Haiti

So...this is Jephthe’s home now – his favourite room is his bedroom, which he loves to keep clean! 

Zaza in Haiti

Zaza also lives in Haiti. She enjoys playing with her friends – she likes skipping and playing hide and seek. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Haiti - swirling sea

Two years ago, a hurricane hit Haiti and many homes were destroyed. Zaza and her family escaped from danger but their home was damaged and the roof torn away from the building. 

Earthquake resistant house in Haiti

For five months, Zaza and her family had to live without a roof. Christian Aid helped to replace Zaza’s roof with one that is strong against the threat of a hurricane or storm.

Stronger than the storms